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    Simply to view and review on the 3/4G network - 120Gig SSD

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RemoteCam are specialists in remotely accessed digital security surveillance cameras.

Our cameras are weather resistant and are designed to be powered via batteries, solar panel, or from 240VAC.

The RemoteCam is extra set of eyes to see what is happening in locations you cannot be at.  

In rural Australia they are used to monitor gates, fuel supplies, the shed, farm equipment, to monitor animals, and even the house when you are away.

RemoteCam has custom packages for on board or cloud recording.

RemoteCam has the complete range of cameras and accessories.

We have been in the Security Industry for over 20 years and have all the required Security Licences.


Recent Articles

New Solar Panel
November 25, 2013

The first shipment of solar panels have arrived.  They have been trailed and tested and given the thumbs up by our rural RemoteCam users.

The Land interviews RemoteCam
October 01, 2013

A recent interview with the Land Newspaper outlines how RemoteCam is helping rural Australia combat theft.  The surveillance camera / recorder is also used to track unwanted animals.

RemoteCam Live
September 02, 2013

The much new improved RemoteCam Live is due to arrive within the next 3 weeks.  We have received and tested our sample. Thanks you your feedback we have included many neat and helpful features.   Like select able continuous recording....

July 24, 2013

RemoteCam will be at Agquip 2013. We are located outside the Life Style Shopping Arcade. Orders processed at the show will receive a 10% discount.


Builder - NSW
June 05, 2017

"The RemoteCam has been fantastic for all our sites.  We set it up where we leave our tools and if anyone activates the motion sensor it starts recording.  We move it from site to site.  It is so easy to...

Farmer - Country - NSW
June 05, 2017

"I needed to keep an eye on a shed in the back paddock that did not have any power .  The RemoteCam with lithium batteries lasted for over 3 months.  I am now looking at getting more for other trouble areas....

Residential - Bowral - NSW
June 05, 2017

"We were having troubles with graffiti on our front fence.  We found the RemoteCam easy to set up and we passed the offenders images to the Police."

Publican - Country - NSW
August 08, 2013

"We set the RemoteCam up in the cellar at our pub.  We quickly discovered why the stock levels were so low.  We had evidence and dealt with the problem.  It has already paid for itself tenfold."